Jane Castor

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Jane Castor

Jane Castor’s decisive leadership is evident in all aspects of her 31 year career. She was elected the first female president of a police academy class and 26 years later, she became the first woman to lead the Tampa Police Department. Chief Castor has redefined community policing in her hometown and driven
down the crime rate with her innovative approach to fighting crime.

Over the course of her career, Chief Jane Castor built a reputation for working side by side with residents, community leaders, business owners and neighboring law enforcement agencies to reduce crime and improve the quality of life in Tampa. Those community partnerships are the foundation of
TPD’s dynamic crime reduction strategy, “Focus on Four.” Since its induction in 2003, the plan has reduced violent and property crime by 70%. This success continues to capture the attention of law enforcement and criminology scholars across the nation.

Source: City of Tampa Official Site

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